Recipes with

Cooking Instructions

Furnace (Up and down, and wind)
Temperature 180C
Time 18min;

Fun – Pan
Temperature Medium high
Time 8min with frequent spin

Temperature 160C
Time 4min

Cyclothermal oven
Temperature 170C
Time 18min;
Humidity 20% RH

Suggestions / Recipes

Let your imagination free and build your favorite
combinations. The great plant for our meatballs do not pose restrictions
the creativity in you. Consume warm.

Vegan meatballs (5) / potato fried / plant-based cheddar melted.
Fry or bake it in the oven the meatballs , fry the potatoes
season with salt and add chopped thyme . Accompany with a
melted plant-based cheddar.

Pie / vegan meatballs (6)/tomato sauce /yogurt vegetable dish
garlic/Parsley – mint /καραμελωμέ no onion. Fry the
meatballs , and heat the pies of the round in a pan. We put
first, the tomato sauce , a few caramelized onions on top , the
pie cut in the middle of using it as a divider by two
meatballs. Put it in yogurt, a little salt, garlic, and lemon zest.
Decorate with sheets μαιδανού and mint.

Penne pasta / vegan meatballs (4)/ tomato sauce /basil
Boil the pasta in salted water. Fry the meatballs and
then put them to warm up in tomato sauce in the
to our liking. Place the meatballs on the pennies. We spill a little
olive oil and basil for decor.