Campo Farm

The name stems from the location of the company,
Campos Elias Hersonissos Crete.
A name with a history and a place landmark for the island of Crete.
In our place we know from pure materials,
we love our earth and watch
for this, since it offers us everything we need.
We respect man and take care of the future of...

What we do

We produce a comprehensive a series of plant based products
that support a healthy lifestyle,
respect the balance of nature
and are produced with sustainable use of natural resources.
We chose extra virgin cretan olive oil and herbs,
to make the most of the flavour
and nutritional benefits of the cretan diet.

Our products

The products are sold packaged retail and packaging
. The product range consists of 4 codes
hamburger, sausage, meatballs, and meat,
carry it all certification from the V-Label GmbH.




Our principles

We are dedicated partners in promoting
good practices in products and operations.


Contact Information

Address: Campos Elias, Hersonissos,
Heraklion, Crete
Phone: +30 28970 26600